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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Weapons found in 'kill plot' car

Two men are accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone
Two men are accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone

A stash of weapons was found in the car of two men accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone when they were arrested, a court heard.

A uniformed Pc discovered a black-handled samurai sword with sheath, two knives and a length of green garden-style hosepipe in the boot of a Fiat Punto being driven by Junior Bradshaw, 32.

On the back seat of the burgundy hatchback, police recovered a black hooded top and a black and grey rucksack. The rucksack contained a roll of black bags, a roll of black tape, a hammer bought for £1 from a Manchester DIY store, a black and yellow spike, spark plugs, a sock and a carrier bag. A second £1 hammer was found in the front passenger footwell of the car, alongside three black gloves and a black hat.

A black balaclava was also recovered from the rear of the car as well as AA routefinder printers from Manchester to Devon, the court heard.

Bradshaw and co-accused Kevin Liverpool, 35, are charged with plotting to rob and kill the Devon-born soul star before dumping her body in a river in June 2011. The defendants, both of St Stephen's Close, Manchester, deny charges of conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to cause GBH and conspiracy to rob.

Pc Victoria Dixon told jurors that she pulled up behind the Fiat Punto in Cullompton High Street in her marked patrol car having received reports from members of the public about the car. She said she saw Bradshaw, the driver, go inside a hairdressing salon. Pc Dixon said she spoke to Bradshaw when he returned and he confirmed it was his vehicle and he had been driving.

She said: "He said one of them was visiting a friend but he didn't know the friend or where they lived. They were lost and were trying to get back to the motorway. I asked him why he had been there and he could not give me any explanation and he said to ask the passenger."

Pc Dixon and her colleague, Pc Carl Sandy, searched the Fiat Punto. Pc Sandy said he also found screwed up hand-written notes. It was these notes that made the threats against the star.

Earlier, jurors were told that Bradshaw had in the past few years suffered "serious mental health issues" and had been admitted to psychiatric hospitals before and after his arrest for these alleged offences.

The trial was adjourned until tomorrow.

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