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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Wyatt talks about Scherzinger rift

Kimberly Wyatt would like to build bridges with former bandmate Nicole Scherzinger

Kimberly Wyatt has opened up about her rift with her former Pussycat Dolls bandmate Nicole Scherzinger.

The Got To Dance judge fell out with The X Factor star during the break-up of the Dolls, which came amid rumours of tension in the burlesque group.

Kim told the Daily Mirror that she has been trying to patch things up with Nicole, but has had no luck so far.

She said: "I have not spoken to or seen Nicole in quite some time... and that's not through lack of trying. I've made enough first moves now, I feel the ball is in her court."

The 31-year-old admitted her dealings with Nicole "weren't always easy", adding: "It wasn't an easy situation to be in, in the Pussycat Dolls, period."

But Kimberly maintained she would love to smooth things over with her former bandmate.

She said: "But I have a lot of love for Nicole and if she offered (an olive branch) I would accept it with open arms. I have a lot of understanding but, at the same time, I wish we could get past that and just move on.

"I mean, jeez, let's grow up and enjoy our lives."

Kimberly, who will be back on the panel for the next series of Got To Dance, also revealed she is planning to make the UK more of a permanent base.

She said: "Although your weather is truly terrible, I love it here. I'm renting in North London at the moment but am moving South at the weekend. The plan is to check out different parts of the city, find somewhere I love, and buy a place in about a year's time."

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