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Thursday 24 April 2014

1980s star Alison Moyet has plenty of new tricks

She was a 1980s icon, and Alison Moyet proved her fan base haven't forgotten her last night with a sold-out Belfast Waterfront show.

But the versatile English singer was intent not to trade solely on past glories.

Much of the two-hour set was made up of tracks from her new album, The Minutes.

The opening duo of Horizon Flame and When I Was Your Girl seemed to take the audience by surprise.

The somewhat blank response suggested the gothic atmospherics of the former or the heavy, quasi-industrial sound of the latter weren't necessarily what people had come to hear.

Still, they were powerful and interesting pieces of work, and Moyet repaid the crowd's indulgence by following up with a couple of oldies. Nobody's Diary by Yazoo ("a song I wrote when I was 16"), and Ordinary Girl, from 1987's Raindancing album, got a warm reaction.

Unlike her previous Belfast concert, at which she was accompanied by a full live band, last night saw Moyet joined only by a pair of keyboardists, which meant hit ballads like Is This Love? sounded quite different to the recorded versions.

The Minutes is all about sticking with something to the end, which last night's audience were sure to relate to, as the encore brought more of Moyet's most famous tunes.


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