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Thursday 17 April 2014

Belfast fans crow along to night of great music

Counting Crows, Odyssey Arena, Belfast

It’s great for the soul to go to a good old fashioned gig every now and then and Counting Crows at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena last night was no exception.

The band rose to fame in the late 90s and have maintained a loyal following including those who attended the Odyssey Arena gig.

Occasionally described as morose, last night the Crows proved themselves to be anything but, performing all of their songs, both slow and fast, with unwavering energy.

They did of course have an album to promote, so the audience were treated to the latest songs from Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings, but we also got the hits and golden oldies such as Mr Jones, Round Here, Colourblind and Sullivan Street.

The set was non-existent — no catwalks, big screens or pyrotechnics, just a stage, some excellent lights, a few mic stands and the instruments.

The band themselves are consummate professionals in this business and were very laidback for the evening, enjoying the banter among themselves on stage.

There are seven of them all together and between them they produce a wall of sound to accompany Adam Duritz’s mournful crooning. Even if the lyrics don’t appeal, the three guitarists of the band provide some excellent riffs.

In all this was a fabulously mellow gig to sway along to.

KERRY McKittrick

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