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Belsonic blasts off to raucous Rudimental

Review: Rudimental at Custom House Square, Belfast

By Andrew Johnston

Belsonic's eighth annual instalment kicked off in riotous fashion on Saturday with drum and bass nutters Rudimental.

It was a good job the gig was in the open air, as the band's energy levels would have taken an indoor venue's roof off.

The show was as good as sold out, but as much as the young crowd were moving, they couldn't keep up with the sprawling act on the stage.

Rudimental's core line-up was joined by dancers, horn players, MCs and singers, with the whole lot of them pogoing like punks doing a firewalk.

The outfit promised a mix of "new stuff" and "old school" . Mind you, as they only formed in 2010, pretty much everything they play is new stuff.

Hits like Right Here and Feel the Love pumped out into the balmy air. The more restrained Bloodstream offered a little shade to the rest of the set's dazzling light. Overall, though, the effect was like a crowbar to the cranium, and much of the music was formulaic.

The musicians also weren't especially communicative, apart from the standard, "Are you ready?" But who needs chit-chat when there are pyrotechnics to detonate and speakers to test to their limits?

The extravaganza climaxed with a powerhouse rendition of Feel the Love, the 2012 collaboration with John Newman.

Coming Belsonic 2015 headliners including Paloma Faith and Bastille would appear to have their work cut out.

Three stars

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