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Saturday 19 April 2014

Blondie unleash Atomic explosion at Belfast's Waterfront

Even the odd emergency ice cube couldn't make a dent.

The gallons of immodestly priced white wine consumed in big plastic pint glasses before last night's Blondie gig were warmer than an Obama handshake.

Nevertheless, it seemed the appropriately hued beverage for such an event. Suitably lubricated and fired up for an evening of blousy New Wave standards, the crowd's fettle setting was set to “fine” as the Waterfront Tannoy delivered its last series of squeaks and static.

“One way or another,” Debbie began to tunefully holler.

The nostalgic ring tones that introduced Hanging on the Telephone followed and it soon became clear that there are are many, mighty Blondie songs as there is disciples — that is 12.

Union City Blue was a highlight — but then it always was, being for this scribbler’s money, the definitive power pop love song of the last century.

“We're here to rekindle our love affair,” drawled Debbie who's cheekbones were definitely sharper than her banter.

Any gap between songs was filled with “Debbie Debbie!” as fans tried to tell the blonde sexagenarian that they were jolly pleased she'd dropped by.

And even as the once shimmering Atomic was performed, it was helped along with a collective “ATAAAMIC” that would have troubled the most sanguine of UN weapons inspectors.


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