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Wednesday 16 April 2014

McFly storm Belfast

Fans give McFly an ecstatic welcome in Belfast

It's rather strange to be the only person at a concert who has come without a chaperone.

I felt a little left out, and more than a little perturbed, in a sea of screaming, glow stick wielding tweens cranked up on sugar and merchandise.

McFly attracted an excitable and sizeable crowd to the Odyssey last night. The Brit award-winning foursome, who have also had the dubious honour of making a film with Lindsay Lohan, launch themselves onto the stage with the kind of enthusiastic fervour that will surely guarantee them a lucrative comeback in 10 years' time.

They open with fireworks and many, many strobe lights. It's all high-fives, whoops and scissor kicks as they charge about in freshly laundered rock and roll threads. With their opening number, One for the Radio, it's hard not to get caught up in the moment.

All the favourites are here – including their debut Five Colours in Her Hair, Obviously and Transylvania. The latest single, Do Ya, this year's Children in Need charity offering, is a big hit with the crowd. It's catchy, toe-tapping stuff.

They fire from track to track, but I miss a lot of song titles and banter between the band as the hysterical little girl behind me decides I need to leave with partial deafness.

It's a damn good pop time at a McFly concert. And as far as tightly worked performances go, these little indie-lite monkeys have got it covered.

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