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Monday 21 April 2014

With a sharp suit and a slick band, is Plan B the new Amy Winehouse?

Plan B

The last time British rap star Plan B came to Belfast he braved blizzard conditions and a seven-hour flight delay to play to a handful of hardy fans at the Mandela Hall.

The London-born musician is clearly made of resilient stuff, and last night his efforts were rewarded with a packed-out showing at the Belsonic festival.

Those fans who had missed out in December - and, no doubt, several new ones he has picked up since then - revelled in the singer's return.

You might have expected Northern Ireland to be all hip-hopped out after Wednesday's Eminem extravaganza, but Custom House Square was dancing from opening number The Recluse to big hit She Said.

Clearly, there's room for more than one jumped-up, white-boy rapper in this town.To be honest, calling Plan B a 'rapper' these days is somewhat misleading.

In a sharp suit last night, with a slick band at his disposal, Plan B - real name Ben Drew - delivered a smooth set, dipping into his earthier early style only at key moments.

Since the breakout success of his huge-selling The Defamation of Strickland Banks album, the vocalist has mined a more easygoing, soulful vein.

In fact, he could be the new, male Amy Winehouse.

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