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1D’s pet problems

Niall Horan has been teased by his bandmates for comparing a lion to a dog.

The Irish heartthrob is one fifth of British boyband One Direction, who get up close and personal with many animals in the video for their song Steal My Girl. A chimpanzee and a lion made the final cut, with Niall confused about the large cat in particular.

"I thought it would be funny to stroke him," Zayn Malik began.

Niall added to British magazine Heat: "The thing was, you know when you meet a new dog and you put your hand out so it can smell you? If anything, it's a totally different species."

"It's a cat, mate, to start off with. It's not the same thing," a bewildered Liam Payne explained.

It's been a frantic year for the group, who released their new album Four and went on their Where We Are Tour. They're taking to the tour bus once more in 2015 for their On The Road Again Tour, but they aren't bored of each other yet.

Asked what he'd most like to do at the moment, Liam insisted a holiday should be on the cards.

"We need to go to the Bahamas! We need to go on a group holiday," he enthused.

The lads are also looking forward to some time off in January as it's been all go for them in 2014. They aren't complaining though and are proud of what they've achieved. Asked how the band - also comprising of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson - would most like to be remembered, they were quick to reply.

"That we didn't take ourselves too seriously, and that we were loving it," Louis said.

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