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50 Cent: Everyone loves me!

50 Cent finds it hilarious that he began throwing stuff back at a crowd which pelted him with missiles.

The hip-hop star's performance at UK event Reading Festival in 2004 is legendary. As soon as he began his set he was pelted with items from the crowd, resulting in him exiting after just 25 minutes.

"Oh, that was fun that show," he laughed to British magazine Q.

"At first, it was water bottles and stuff like that. Y'all don't want to be hit by a water bottle because they've been out there so long that that's not water. It was water, they drunk it and then they peed in the bottle, then tried to hit you with that bottle, I think in any other place you would look at that like they didn't like you. It had nothing to do with that. They threw sh*t at everybody who came up there. I don't care who you were, you went out there and they throw sh*t at you. They would have thrown some sh*t on Michael Jackson, it didn't matter."

There is something in what the rapper says, as before he graced the main stage, Finnish rockers The Rasmus were on. They only managed to stick around for one song before the missiles aimed at them from the crowd became too much and they called it a day.

50 is pleased his team didn't take the antics lying down though.

"Look, they did that to everybody. They ran a rock group off right before we were on. That sh*t was crazy! We all just started throwing sh*t. I was singing in between all the sh*t landing on stage," he giggled. "They was throwing sh*t, we was throwing sh*t back. Everything that could be thrown off the stage that couldn't be tied down."

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