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50 Cent: Floyd can do what he wants!

50 Cent became stronger after he was shot nine times.

The two US stars are good friends, which sometimes leads to them mocking one another.

50, real name Curtis Jackson, isn't scared to make fun of world champion boxer Floyd, as it's all in jest.

"When we fight each other, we never stop being friends. He's like my little brother. We fight each other because it's tough to tell each other what to do. When your brother makes $236 million in 36 minutes, can't nobody tell him what to do. Me, I'm a success in my own right so I can say what I want," he told Q magazine, adding that the pair have different temperaments.

"He did have it a little rough but I had it a little harder growing up."

Despite a recent bankruptcy filing, 50 is one of the most successful names in hip hop. His road to the top wasn't an easy one though, and the 40-year-old was the victim of a violent shooting in 2000.

50 has never shied away from talking about the attack, which left him with nine gunshot wounds to his body.

"When you get hurt that bad it makes it clear that you're not in control. After something like that happens, because it happened at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, you think, 'What time is a bad time? It can happen any time.' So either your fear consumes you or you become stronger," he outlined.

"If you give me a f**ked up situation, I'll give you a good one afterwards. I am the bow, you may see me pulled back at points, but it's only so I can shoot forwards faster than you've seen me shoot forwards before."

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