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50 Cent: Meryl is magic!

50 Cent is amazed by Meryl Streep's aura.

The rapper is a big fan of the New York Knicks and was astounded to find himself sitting next to the Oscar-winner when he watched them play the LA Lakers last year. He immediately knew he wanted to talk to Meryl, so came up with an odd way of ingratiating himself.

"I was talking to her, I said, 'Give me a little bit of that dust.' She said, 'What you talking about?' I said, 'That star dust. Blow a little bit on me,'" he laughed to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, adding that Meryl obliged.

The pair got along well and were even seen partying with athlete Kobe Bryant after the game. 50 was amazed by the way people changed around Meryl, with even Kobe succumbing to her star power. Apparently the athlete changed his voice when he started talking to the actress, becoming a lot softer than when he spoke to 50.

"It seems like everybody got the memo, because on the other side of her that's her husband. She must have sent something out that said make sure he's cropped out of every photo," the rapper laughed when looking at a picture of himself and Meryl courtside. "It was her first basketball game! It was fun man because she didn't know what was going on. As soon as I noticed she didn't know what was going on, 'I was like, OK don't worry, just come with me.' This is going to be cool, moving around with her! It's interesting because she has such a strong aura that people are different around her."

50 also touched on another monumental event; his upcoming 40th birthday. He'll reach the landmark age next month and reflected on how age has altered him.

"You know, when I approach it I gotta work on it. Because sometimes I write things and it's where I'm at right now and it's like, 'No, that makes a lot of sense, take that out.' You know, you can't have maturity in your music," he giggled.

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