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5SOS: We’re a rock band

5 Seconds of Summer find it a "blessing" to perform their music.

The Australian band have taken the world by storm with catchy tracks including She Looks So Perfect and Don't Stop from their self-titled debut album, released earlier this year. Their sound has been welcomed under a range of genres; an accomplishment members Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin are proud of.

"We love rock music and playing rock shows. It's cool when people recognise that we are hopefully benefiting the world of rock by being in the pop world as a rock band," they told Rocksound. "If we are leading a new audience to rock bands, that's awesome."

2014 saw the group play over 100 shows around the globe and things are only getting better for the four-piece. Their fanbase is growing by the day and being able to fulfil their dream is a wonderful experience for the lads.

"Releasing the album was a massive milestone. We were all so excited for people to hear what it sounded like, so they might understand us a little better. Some of those songs had been in our heads for years," they explained.

"Playing music for people is the biggest blessing. We can't thank our supporters enough. We're optimistic dudes, and we believe the future holds a lot for this band and our supporters. Let's see where we can take 5 Seconds of Summer!"

They also have the release of their first live album, LIVESOS, coming up later this month, another thing for both the group and their loyal followers to be excited about.

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