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A$AP Rocky: Hustling's wack

A$AP Rocky doesn't like to follow the crowds, to avoid being "clichéd".

The 26-year-old rapper released his debut record Live. Love. ASAP in 2011 and is now on this third album At. Long. Last. ASAP, featuring hit singles Multiply and Pretty Flacko 2.

Things haven't always been so good for the star though; when he was 12 his father was sentenced to jail for a year for selling drugs and just a year later his older brother Ricky was killed by a rival dealer. While A$AP got into selling illegal substances himself, he insists it doesn't define him.

"I wasn't no big-time hustler. I was one of those guys that would do well in the summer and save enough to support my studio time, buy clothes, pay the bills. That lifestyle's wack. I ain't got time for that petty sh*t, man. I'm bigger than that," he explained to Billboard.

"I remember having cops f**ked with you just because you're walking with your homies and they're hoping and itching that one of you has got something on you you're not supposed to have, and that's when it all goes down. They never find anything, and they're p**sed."

He added that he doesn't trouble the law anymore and that he's a "good guy", despite recently settling a case in which a woman claimed he hit her during a concert in 2013.

It isn't just his music and past which come under scrutiny, A$AP's love life has also made headlines. He's previously dated the likes of model Chanel Iman and Iggy Azalea and despite him and the Australian rapper having a messy break-up in 2012, he says they're now "fine".

In order to stand out from others in the industry, A$AP has a clear idea of how he wants to do things.

"I don't want to be clichéd. I don't like doing anything anyone else is doing. If leather's popular this year, I'm just going to have to go with suede. If you want to consider my sh*t alternative, so be it. I just look at it as eclectic," he shrugged.

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