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Wednesday 16 April 2014

A$AP Rocky: I’m not dating Rihanna

A$AP Rocky

Rihanna’s tour mate rapper A$AP Rocky insists the pair are not dating despite rumours they are romantically involved.

The pair were rumoured to be romantically involved as he serves as supporting act on her Diamonds concert tour.

However the lyricist, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, has denied their relationship is anything more than professional.

"Yeah I expected people to say that me and Rihanna were sleeping around. We're just cool," Rocky told MTV News. "Man dudes be tryin' to front like they tappin' Rihanna's [anatomy] and all that, but they don't be hittin' it."

The star acknowledged many men are keen to insinuate they have been involved with the singer.

On the other hand, he admitted he doesn’t even view her as a potential girlfriend.

"I aint hittin' it either. I'm just cool with her,” A$AP explained.

“I don't even look at her like that. She's sexy, but I'm good."

The performer is currently linked to Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman.

A$AP confessed he is careful to steer clear of such speculation in an effort not to get in trouble with his existing romance.

"That's really a friend. She supports me, man. She's bringing me out, she ain't have to do that. That girl came to my Coachella a year ago. I got nothing but love for Rih Rih, that's the homey right there," he said. "I ain't tryin' to get in no trouble with no Rihanna rumours because I'm not f**king Rihanna. That's somebody's elses."

Rihanna’s on-off boyfriend Chris Brown revealed he was worried she would cheat on him while travelling.

In April he opened up about his concerns following some rumours of infidelity.

"I'm just a regular guy so I be like, 'Man I hope aint nobody hittin' that right now,'" he told New York’s Power 105 radio station.

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