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Aaron Eckhart: Alcohol changes me

Aaron Eckhart smokes cigars because they don’t alter personalities in the same way drinking alcohol does.

The actor loves cigars and is happy to admit they are his one vice. He would never consider smoking cigarettes because he believes they make people neurotic and alcohol had such a profound effect on his personality he was never a big fan of it.

“By the third drink, you're all different people. With a cigar you're the same person from the start to the end. Whereas with drink and drugs you're either fighting or stealing each other's girlfriends or hating yourself. That was my alcohol experience,” he laughed to British newspaper The Guardian.

Aaron indulges in several cigars a day, although he recognises it’s a habit which polarises people. The star insists that most people learn to love them if they are around them enough, claiming women he has dated have even ended up smoking them themselves.

“So let's say I'm dating a girl and at first she'll have whatever concept of a cigar, and then let's say we are intimate and so we kiss and stuff like that. By a week or two she will be begging to smoke a cigar before we kiss. It's incredible!” he marvelled. “It becomes part of the intimacy which is extremely weird because you'd think it would be revolting. I mean, if you polled the public whether it was worse to beat your grandmother or smoke a cigar I don't know who would win. People freaking hate cigars.”

Aaron, 45, has appeared in movies such as In the Company of Men and The Dark Knight, with his latest release Olympus Has Fallen about a disgraced presidential guard who has to help during a terrorist attack.

With such a stellar career, the star was surprised when his agent recently told him to join Twitter. Although he was unsure, he did sign up to the social networking site – his account has since been suspended – but doesn’t think work is the main point of it.

“I have 13 followers and two tweets. I'm an old man. What do I need Twitter for? Mostly it's just to get chicks,” he said.

Although he was joking, Aaron does find the dating game tough. He was once engaged to actress Emily Cline, but they split in 1998. Since then he has been largely single and struggles when it comes to meeting women.

“I'm very shy. I know you don't believe it. It's true,” he said, before saying he has never tried internet dating because people would likely find his picture and “then they tweet it and everything. Like, I've had some weird experiences, not with dating sites… let's not go into that…”

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