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Aaron Paul talks ‘greatest summer of whole life’

Aaron Paul said he loved to “roller-blade and make out with girls” when he was on summer break in middle school.

The 34-year-old actor grew up in the state of Idaho, located in America’s picturesque Midwest.

And Aaron recalls his days as a preteen with fondness because he can’t remember having as much of a good time as he did when school was out on summer break.

“That’s eighth-grade summer, right? That was the greatest summer of my life,” Paul told MTV News while promoting his new film Hellion. “The summer nights in Idaho, roller-blading around, sneaking into girls houses, getting chased away from their fathers. It was so fun!”

Aaron is well-known for playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, a TV show about crystal meth drug dealers.

But the star wouldn’t ever classify himself as a wild child in his youth.

“I wasn’t a bad kid, but I just liked to roller-blade and make out with girls,” he shared.

His forthcoming drama Hellion centres on a feuding father and son who have to make amends in order to save their family.

A lot of heavy metal was included in the feature’s soundtrack, but this genre of music wouldn’t be found anywhere in Aaron’s music collection.

“Definitely not [into] metal, but I think it’s a perfect fit for this film,” he said. “I’m more of like a Radiohead guy.”

Hellion, which also stars Juliette Lewis, is released in US theatres this weekend.

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