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Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Sam is perfect

Aaron Taylor-Johnson never wanted a role in Fifty Shades of Grey, but is proud of wife Sam's work.

The happily married couple raised a few eyebrows when they walked down the aisle in 2012, as Sam is 24 years older than Aaron.

However they've proved their critics wrong and have one of the strongest relationships in Hollywood, welcoming two children as well as bringing up Sam's kids from her previous marriage.

"With Sam I just knew. I just knew I wanted kids with her, I wanted to be with her and I wanted to get married to her," Aaron gushed to the UK edition of Marie Claire.

"I never had that moment like, 'I want to be an actor,' but I love being a dad.”

Both have been enjoying career highs recently, with Aaron's Avengers: Age of Ultron due for release next month and Sam's Fifty Shades of Grey, which she directed, making more than $500m worldwide. However, Sam hasn't signed on to direct the sequel.

It was reported before filming began that Aaron would bag a role in the kinky flick, but he never had any intention of starring as Christian Grey.

"No, never! I think there would have been a lot of unhappy fans of the book. We both read it and knew right then that when she went into direct it, I wouldn't be the one to step into those shoes. And that was fine," he revealed.

"It didn't feel like one of us was like, 'I really wanted to do that.' I'm obviously really, really proud of Sam and it was great to see her take that project and make it her own, and not have to feel like just because there's a role… I feel like I'm too young for that role anyway!"

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