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Abigail Breslin: Arnie was my Agony Aunt!

Abigail Breslin was intimidated when she first met Arnold Schwarzenegger, but quickly got over it.

The two stars appear alongside each other in Maggie, about a teenage girl who becomes infected with a disease that turns her into a zombie. It was the first time they had worked together and Abigail was nervous about meeting the icon, especially as their first encounter was pretty embarrassing.

"It was our first big scene together and I'm in hair and make-up... and the make-up artist and I we were friends, and so we were talking, and I was talking about this guy, and I was like, 'I can't believe he un-friended me on Facebook, this is so rude, he messed me up and now he has to un-friend me? Like, friend me back, I want to un-friend him, I want that right.' And I was complaining on and on and she kept being like, 'Abi, Abi,' I was like, 'What? Why are you defending him to me?' She's like, 'Turn around.' And I turned around and Arnold was standing there," she recalled to US talk show host Seth Meyers. "And he was like, 'Abigail, who is this guy?' It's like, 'You want his number?' No, I wouldn't do that to somebody but he was just giving me advice, like, 'Don't be with him.'"

Abigail, 19, was intimidated when she first met her 67-year-old co-star, but she quickly got over the uncomfortable feelings. In part that was thanks to the icon, who was always kind and personable when they were together. In fact, Abigail found herself forgetting just how successful he has been because he was so easy to chat to.

"It was really fun. You see Arnold Schwarzenegger and you're like, 'Oh he's the Terminator, he's this big movie action icon, Governor [of California].' You wouldn't think that he was as well known or anything like that because he's just so nice and normal and super sweet," she gushed.

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