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Thursday 5 March 2015

Actress guilty of Baldwin stalking

Alec Baldwin has been stalked by a Canadian actress
Alec Baldwin has been stalked by a Canadian actress

Alec Baldwin's Canadian actress stalker has been found guilty in New York City.

A Manhattan judge issued the verdict finding Genevieve Sabourin guilty of stalking, attempted aggravated harassment, harassment and attempted contempt of court.

The 30 Rock star had testified that the actress had turned his life into a nightmare after they met once for dinner, saying she besieged him with unwanted phone calls and emails and started turning up at his homes and at public events.

Defence lawyer Todd Spodek said Genevieve had a legitimate, brief romance with Alec. He complained that Alec was using the court system to "sort out his relationships."

The judge sentenced Genevieve to six months in jail, on top of 30 days she had already received for disrupting court proceedings.

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