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Adam Driver: Girls would shock family

Adam Driver's family have decided they need to "keep their distance" from Girls.

The actor plays Adam Sackler in the hit US TV show, the love interest of creator Lena Dunham's character Hannah. He can be rude and is very open about his sexuality, something the actor worried would shock his minister father.

"I didn't tell them about Girls. They were like, 'We hear you're on a show, and all the people in the office are watching!' So I was like, 'You might want to skip this one, and watch Lincoln,'" he laughed to Stylist magazine, referring to the 2012 movie he was in alongside Daniel Day Lewis "They were very excited by Lincoln, but I don't think they have seen Girls. They were like, 'I think we will keep our distance.'"

It's not just Adam's family who have declined to watch him in action on the small screen. He is also not a fan of tuning in to the series about the lives of four twenty-something women in New York City.

"I have never seen the show. I saw the pilot and was like, 'There is no f**king way I can watch the rest of this,' because I just think about all the things I want to change," he said. "I end up being aware of how it looks, my impulse would be to try to make it look better, and that, to me, isn't interesting. I like the messiness, the imperfection."

Appearing in the program has raised the 30-year-old's profile no end, but he still doesn't get recognized that much. When he does people are usually unsure what to say, as his Girls alter-ego is a strange mix of mean and kind.

"Where I live in Brooklyn Heights is quiet and residential and there are families, and I love it. It's the quietest neighbourhood I've ever lived in, and I don't think I will ever leave. Saying that, when the first couple of episodes of Girls aired, I was going to the laundromat, and this one woman screamed, 'Are you that guy on that show? You're an a*shole! But I like you.' I was like, 'Thank you. You're great!'" he laughed.

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