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Adam Lambert: I’m a little snobby

Adam Lambert doesn’t think his status as a pop star gives him cause to live “an unrealistic experience”.

The 33-year-old singer is currently promoting his third studio album The Original High, which was released earlier this month.

Although other artists ask for outrageous gifts while doing promotional performances, Adam isn’t too keen on making demands, except when it comes to booze.

“I'm a little snobby with the tequila! I like a top shelf and not a bottom shelf,” he told BBC News. “But I don't have anything crazy on my rider. I ask for a scented candle, and I started asking for local honey when I found out it helps with allergies. Plus, it's tasty.”

Tove Lo worked with Adam on his new song Rumors.

And the star confesses he is sometimes shocked by the stories tabloids publish about him.

“I heard once that I'd died! And early on, when I first started, there was a rumour that I was like a giant, massive diva. And I was like, 'I think I'm pretty nice to everyone I meet'. Where did they get that?” he mused. “A diva is just somebody that's demanding. A little crazy. Not in touch with reality. I don't like to be treated special.

“I've seen celebrities where you're told ‘Don't look them in the eye’ and I'm like, ‘Who would say that? It's ridiculous?’

“For me, the thing about being a pop artist is, I want people to identify with me. If I'm placed in a bubble, living an unrealistic existence, how can I be close to my audience?”

Adam grew up in San Diego, California and the beach town has declared May 8 as Adam Lambert Day.

But the humble star isn’t allowing the acknowledgement to go to his head.

“I don't think it's an annual holiday!” he smiled. “When you go to a city and they do a proclamation, it's just for that day, isn't it?

“I got a certificate and a plaque and I'm very flattered - but I don't think it's taken seriously. I certainly don't celebrate Adam Lambert day!”

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