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Adam Sandler recalls wild bar mitzvah

Adam Sandler has joked he could have fathered a child at his bar mitzvah as he went wild that night.

The comedy actor plays a man who fathered a child at 13 in his latest movie That's My Boy. Although he admits the plot is slightly far-fetched, Adam has laughed people wouldn't think that if they knew what he got up to when he was younger.

"At my bar mitzvah, I went off that night. I could have, it might have happened. How many ladies did I have bar mitzvah night? Not including cousins? 15. That was the thing at my temple. The rabbi set me up. He just said, 'You, you, you, and you, man him up,'" the star joked.

A bar mitzvah celebrates a Jewish boy who is coming of age.

Adam is currently celebrating the success of his Facebook page, where he now has over 30 million fans.

He is excited to have so many people look up to him, although laughed it's nothing new. Adam has always been a popular guy.

"People always have liked me - since I [was] a kid," he said. "When I was about four it was when it started... I had more friends than the other kids and my mother would always tell me to give some of my friends to my brother 'cause he had none."

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