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Adrien Brody: I wanted to be a magician

Adrien Brody was more open to pulling a rabbit out of a hat than starring in major feature films during his youth.

The Academy Award-winning actor’s recent role in Houdini sees him portraying one of his idols, the illusionist Harry Houdini. Adrien was thrilled to land the part, as magic was his first love as a little boy.

“I was more than a fan,” he told Deadline. “Not only did I have a fascination with magic, but I had aspirations of becoming a magician when I was a boy.”

The 42-year-old admitted his childhood magic shows, which he would perform for loved ones under his alias The Amazing Adrien, were pretty basic. But in portraying Houdini, he got to act out much bigger illusions which was a brilliant challenge.

“The underwater work was particularly challenging because it required emotion underwater in confined spaces and completely inverted, which is a very different breathing process and your lung capacity feels different,” he explained. “There’s both physical and psychological pressure. You’re unable to turn around unless you turn around in one specific way–it’s too narrow of a compartment, so you can very easily get wedged and yet you have to hold your breath as long as possible in order to get the shot in too.”

His hard work paid off though, as he has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie. As the miniseries was such a passion project for Adrien, he couldn’t be more delighted about it receiving acclaim from the critics.

“Receiving recognition for a heroic figure in my life and for something as meaningful as magic for it to have led me into acting and then led me to ultimately play the key figure in that world is pretty remarkable,” he said.

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