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Affleck will ‘recycle underwear’ if necessary

Academy Award-winning Argo actor-and-director Ben Affleck claims that he finds it excessive to travel with a large amount of clothes and sticks to the basics.

The thriving actor-and-director won three Oscars Sunday night, including one for Best Picture of the year, for his political thriller Argo.

Ben is constantly travelling and although he is a Hollywood icon, he always packs light.

“Besides a bag, I have a backpack with a computer in it, a few pills, shaver,” he told America’s OK! magazine.

“The basic stuff that you can survive anywhere with. If I have that, I could lose all my clothes, recycle the pair of underwear — it won’t be pleasant — but that I could get by with. Nowadays, you just need your computer and your razor, and your deodorant, and you’re good.”

Argo centres on the hostage crisis that occurred in the 1970s during the Iranian Revolution.

It was speculated recently that the star may pursue a role in government.

Although Ben is interested in politics he is not likely to become a politician himself.

“That was not serious,” he explained.

“That was not something I genuinely considered doing. It came out like that. I have a great respect for the political process, but I’m really at a prime point in my life in terms of my career here. I’m loving that people are being supportive. That’s where my head is.”

Argo has been a major hit this Awards Season at the Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Golden Globe and SAG Awards.

Ben is in awe of the feature’s success.

“All the people told me it had all the makings of a failure,” he said. “It’s a period movie, it was an indie release, it was a drama. I was the youngest guy in it. I had very, very low expectations. It’s surreal. To get this far is awesome.”

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