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Agron: I’m an excellent bartender!

Dianna Agron is a big fan of fancy dress.

The 29-year-old actress is best known for her role as cheerleader Quinn Fabray in hit Fox series Glee. She has also starred in a number of movies including I Am Number Four and The Family but if her acting work dries up, Dianna thinks she’s got a successful back-up career up her sleeve.

“I’m a really good bartender,” she laughed to the British edition of Esquire. “Making a good whiskey sour with an egg white is a great party trick; people think you’re doing something so magnificent when it’s actually pretty simple.”

Dianna always cuts a stylish figure at events. But she admitted to the outlet that she gets a real kick out of fancy dress.

“I feel like some of the best nights are the ones that end up in really unexpected places – where it’s like “how did we get here?” Those nights happen in the most random situations – it’s never a New Year’s Eve or a birthday because you can’t try hard for those nights, they just have to happen organically,” she explained. “I also love fancy dress. It’s the most fun. I had a huge Halloween party last year and three of my dear friends were so dressed up I couldn't figure out who they were. We like taking it to the next level.”

As for her favourite tipple, the blonde beauty keeps things pretty strong and simple.

“It’s usually either tequila on the rocks… or a whiskey on the rocks,” she added.

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