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Al Pacino: I don't take celebrity seriously

Al Pacino he doesn't think much about his status as an icon.

The legendary actor has enjoyed an over 40-year illustrious career in film and theatre.

Although Al has received many accolades, including an Academy Award and other prestigious nominations, the star remains humble.

"I just don't take it seriously. But I think it's fine. Why not? Somebody's got to be me," he told USA Today in a press conference for his new Broadway production Glengarry Glen Ross.

Al is elated to be performing onstage again in Glengarry Glen Ross, a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama written by David Marnet.

The thespian's return to Broadway reminds him of when he began his acting career.

"It's a joy to be on any stage, anywhere, but Broadway in particular, because it's my home, it's where I started, and where I had my debut, where my life changed when I did a play called Does A Tiger Wear A Necktie many years ago [in 1969]," Al explained.

"[Performing in front of a live audience] actually works on your adrenaline, those endorphins in your body. It's in away habit-forming. When you're away from the theatre long enough, you feel the need to go back there."

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