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Alan Sugar: Flattering won't help win Apprentice

Alan Sugar tries to lighten the mood in the new series of The Apprentice by cracking jokes about dating apps and fishing.

(Cover) - EN TV - Alan Sugar has jokingly warned the latest Apprentice candidates not to “suck up” to him.

The hard-nosed businessman is renowned for his straight-talking attitude on the BBC TV show, but is trying to lighten the mood for the next series. In a clip of him addressing the new group of 18 wannabe entrepreneurs, Alan quipped he has no interest in being flattered by them.

“I don’t like people that suck up to me,” he told the contestants, before making a reference to a famous dating app. “If I wanted to be loved I’d go to Tinder.”

Alan went on to reveal that his new advisor Claude Littner also has a good sense of humour at times. However, he admitted Claude’s idea of fun often comes at the expense of other people.

“Claude does like a laugh from time to time. There was 1979 for example...” Alan said.

Show insiders are claiming Alan is eager to keep a positive mood by cracking jokes because there are some fears that new addition Claude may prove an intimidating figure. Claude has appeared on The Apprentice in the past, where he was involved in grilling past contestants about their work experience and even reduced some of them to tears. Now he is a permanent fixture alongside businesswoman Karren Brady and TV bosses want the show to continue to provide light entertainment.

“Maybe with Claude on the show, who terrifies everyone, he feels he needs to play the comic to lighten the mood and make the candidates more relaxed,” a source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

Alan continues to try to make the contestants laugh during an upcoming challenge involving fishing.

“Do any of you tiddlers need to be thrown back in the sea?” the millionaire quips to the budding business brains.

The new series of The Apprentice is set to return to the small screen on Wednesday (14Oct15).

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