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Alan Sugar: Give Claude a chance!

Alan Sugar promises things really “get going” in the 11th series of The Apprentice, which starts on BBC One on Wednesday (14Oct15).

(Cover) - EN TV - Alan Sugar asks viewers not to compare Claude Littner to Nick Hewer when he takes over on this year’s (15) series of The Apprentice.

The 11th series kicks off on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday (14Oct15), with Karren Brady returning as Alan’s adviser alongside fresh face Claude.

Viewers might be tempted to draw comparisons to Nick, who quit the show in 2014, but Alan says it wouldn’t be wise, reminding them of Margaret Mountford’s departure in 2009.

“You can’t compare, they’re two different characters,” Alan reasoned during an appearance on TV show Good Morning Britain.

“It’s like when Margaret left and Karren came in; two different characters. Wait and see: it gets going in this 11th series.”

This new line-up of apprentices has already been revealed and fans can’t wait to watch them complete their first challenge and nerve-racking session in the boardroom. But even after 10 years on the show, Alan can’t work out who will win right from the get-go.

“No. Your first impression of the people is when they come into the boardroom and that’s the first time I see them,” he explained.

“After task one and a bit of feedback from, in the past, Karren and Nick, and yeah, you do have some feelings about ‘Ooh, that one’s gonna go soon’ or ‘This one is a contender’. But as the programme progresses, you change your mind immediately; every single year it’s the same. And I suppose the viewers must have the same feeling, because you see that first episode and you think ‘Oh, that one is gonna win’ and then as it goes on, you change your mind.”

He adds the most important thing for him is witnessing the apprentices learn and that his pet hate is someone applying for the task of project manager before they’ve even heard what the challenge is.

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