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Alanis: I need an intervention

Alanis Morissette believes filling her house with talismans helps to create an elevated space, which aids in the relief of heavy mental and physical issues.

In addition to music, Alanis also works hard on multiple charity projects and sometimes she finds herself spending an excessive amount of hours plodding away in the office of her Los Angeles home.

“If I told someone I did heroin until 4 a.m. there would be this massive intervention, but if I tell someone I was working on a deadline until 4 a.m. they’d pat me on the back,” she told Women’s Health of her self-diagnosed addiction to working.

To curb unrelenting ambitions, Alanis spends time in her meditation room everyday to reconnect with a higher power.

She finds the act of meditating daily very useful in keeping her head and emotions straight.

“It’s kind of where I go to tune into emotions, get divine messages through prayer. I do my gratitude lists in there,” the star explained of what she uses her spiritual room for. “I carve out different goals, I journal, I read, I listen to meditation — I do all my practices in there.”

Alanis has filled her home with special talismans.

She believes the energy of these objects creates a very special, calm and elevated space.

“Externally, it’s Mediterranean-esqe. Very California/West Coast meets…there’s an Internationalism to it, just in terms of how I decorated it,” Alanis said of her house. “I’m a collector of very particular things. Whether it’s shells or bottles of sand or oils or perfumes, or Quan Yun Buddhist statues, or lotus flower candle holders.”

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