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Alanis Morissette: I'm an alpha wife

Alanis Morissette is glad her husband is a "beta man" because he spends a lot of time "celebrating" her.

The Canadian singer is married to Mario 'MC Souleye' Treadway and they have 21-month-old son Ever together. Alanis thinks their relationship is so strong because her husband is happy to take a back seat.

"I tried being a beta woman for a long time. But I fail in that role. I prefer the driver's seat, professionally as well. My husband is totally fine with his beta role. He feels strong in it. Before I met Souleye I dated probably every kind of archetype there is. I always fell for the wrong guys," she told German magazine Brigitte Balance.

"If I'm in alpha mode an alpha man wants to discuss things with me all the time and tries to bring me down. A beta man attempts to support me and celebrates me."

Alanis has battled eating disorders in the past, explaining she dealt with stress by controlling her food intake.

The 38-year-old is now comfortable with her body but worries about the message some celebrities are sending out to young women. She is particularly fearful of the culture of dieting in Los Angeles.

"If you are more than 45 kilos, people in Hollywood are disgusted by you," she claimed. "The craze of being skinny is brutal there. I do see the advantages of healthy nutrition but I am totally against diets."

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