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Friday 29 May 2015

Alba preparing Honor to be big sis

Jessica Alba is gearing up for the new arrival
Jessica Alba is gearing up for the new arrival

Jessica Alba has revealed she is working hard to help daughter Honor become a big sister.

The Spy Kids 4 star, whose second child with husband Cash Warren is due soon, wrote in a blog on that she is making sure her three-year-old daughter is prepared for the arrival of the new baby.

Jessica said: "I think Honor is excited about becoming a big sister. She's getting into this stage now where she gets to do big kid stuff - and we try to make a big deal out of these little things.

"So I emphasise all these awesome things that she gets to do that the baby won't be able to do. And she gets excited about having someone in the house that's younger than her.

"We also tell her that the baby won't be able to play with her dolls. Honor loves the thought that, for now, they're only her toys. Little does she know when she gets older she's gonna have to share... I guess we'll tackle that one when the time comes!"

The 30-year-old actress admitted some nerves about the new arrival, but said she can't wait.

"Although I fought with my little brother a lot growing up, we were best friends, and I'd take vengeance on anyone who hurt him - especially his feelings," she said.

"The idea of loving someone as much as I love Honor is something I haven't wrapped my head around yet. But I know I will and I can't wait."

Jessica added: "I'm signed up at three mommy sites that update me daily and weekly on the baby's development, which is probably a bit much. But it's a nice break from the day to check in with the baby, because, like everything else in life these days, time flies."

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