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Saturday 19 April 2014

Alec Baldwin enjoyed 'beautiful' wedding

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin's wedding went "without a hitch", says his brother.

After just over a year of dating actor Alec married Yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas at the end of June in New York. Speaking as a spectator at their ceremony, his brother Stephen said everything went perfectly and he is overjoyed for the happy couple.

"The wedding was fantastic," Stephen said. "It was incredible, beautiful, went off without a hitch."

At 28 years old, Hilaria is 26 years younger than her new husband. The fitness fanatic has been credited for helping fiery actor Alec shift 30lbs. in excess weight which was causing him health complaints. Stephen speaks highly of his sister-in-law, who he credits for putting the twinkle back in Alec's eye.

"Hilaria was gorgeous, Alec was over the moon," gushed Stephen while being interviewed by Access Hollywood. "I can't be more happy for him, he looks great and he's in love and I wish him all the best. His new wife is a yoga instructor, so obviously you're seeing Alec look so well as a result of the downward dog, so to speak".

Alec has also spoken of Hilaria's charms. The 30 Rock star told People magazine that at 54 he didn't expect to tie the knot again but he just simply found the right woman.

"Marriage was made for you to make a commitment to someone who is worth it," Alec said. "And I met someone who is worth it."

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