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Alec Baldwin: My voice is popular

Alec Baldwin believes the public "get a sense of familiarity" in his voice.

The 53-year-old actor narrates Discovery Channel miniseries Frozen Planet, documentaries on animal life in the north and south poles.

Alec vocal chords are well sought after and he credits this interest to his long stint at hit TV comedy 30 Rock.

"When you're on TV, people hear your voice every week and get a sense of familiarity," he told People magazine. "I have to start charging as much for voice-overs as for acting!"

Alec has a blast on set of 30 Rock, even though he gets teased frequently.

"They always take things from my own life to make fun of me," he explained.

"That I'm running for mayor. My character dates women 20 years younger than him. They use whatever I do to skewer me on the show, but I don't care."

Frozen Planet piques Alec's interest, but he's unsure if he'd ever want to vacation in a tundra.

"I would like to go to the Antarctic if you knew you could see the phenomena they depict [on the show]," Alex said. "But they did spend a lot of time there. I'm afraid I would go and all I would see is a lot of floating ice."

Frozen Planet debuted in March.

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