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Alec Baldwin on 'materialistic' Christmas

Alec Baldwin says Christmas has always been a "materialistic" occasion for him.

The American actor lends his voice to Santa Claus character North in animated film Rise of the Guardians.

Being a part of the festive film has made Alec look back on his own Christmas celebrations.

"I think like most people who grew up like I did in the United States the holidays were very... materialistic," he told Entertainment Tonight.

"It was about Christmas trees and ornaments and that kind of ritual."

The children's film tells the story of Jack Frost who - along with superheroes The Guardians - must save the world from Pitch, the Nightmare King.

The 54-year-old hopes the movie will hold a special message for young people, encouraging them to follow in the characters' footsteps and "find their centre".

"I wonder with this film - I'm half-joking when I say this - if this will wind up being like those Keanu Reeves [films] that are studied in universities now," Alec pondered.

"They literally have courses on them. I wonder if this getting to your centre is something that could become a mantra for a new generation. Kids might say, 'Hey man, I've gotta get to my centre.' So that would be kinda great if we were actually philosophising those children!"

Rise of the Guardians also stars Hugh Jackman, Jude Law and Isla Fisher and hits cinemas worldwide at the end of the month.

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