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Alec Baldwin's son 'so serene'

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin's newest arrival is much calmer than his "fiery" sister.

The couple announced Rafael's birth on Twitter on June 17, celebrating the arrival of a baby brother for their daughter Carmen, who turns two next month.

While Carmen has developed a feisty personality, Rafael arrived in the family with a serene demeanour and is already basking in the attention of his parents.

"Rafael is very calm. I can change him as many times as I want. He’s a little poser - he puts his hands behind his head and stretches out. Carmen has a fiery personality and this little guy is like, 'I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Mom!'" a proud Hilaria grinned in an interview with MailOnline.

But despite Carmen's bold personality, she's taken brilliantly to being a big sister. So far, there's no sibling rivalry in sight insists the yoga instructor.

"I was a nervous second time mom because Carmen is in such a good place, and I wasn't sure how she was going to react," she admitted.

"Before the baby was born, I bought Carmen some dolls and we named them Rafael. We dressed them and changed their diapers. Carmen would kiss my stomach and say 'Rafa! Rafa!'

"Carmen is the best big sister. She wants to kiss him, hold him, play with him and sing to him."

And she's not the only one who's thrilled: when Alec found out he was gaining some male support he was so excited he walked around with a football for an hour after they found out the gender.

"He has such a strong bond to Carmen. Alec is a fun dad - it’s harder for me to get him out of the pool for dinner than Carmen," Hilaria laughed.

Despite their busy schedules, the family spends a great deal of time together. They accompany each other on work trips and Hilaria adds they'll enjoy a summer in the Hamptons with their new arrival.

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