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Ali Larter: I’m doing my best with my kids

Ali Larter thinks it’s “totally impossible” to be the perfect mother, adding that she just does the “best she can” looking after her two kids.

The former Heroes actress has two children, four-year-old Theodore Hayes and five-month-old daughter Vivienne, with husband Hayes MacArthur.

But in an honest new interview, Ali opened up about the difficulties of parenthood.

“I just think it’s totally impossible,” Ali said when asked if she ever strived for perfection. “I’m just doing the best I can with each thing that I’m doing at the moment.

“My son is just a rambunctious, brilliant, funny dude and my daughter is a sweet, little angel and that’s today.

“Tomorrow, I’ll probably have a terror and a daughter that cries all night, but today is good, so I’m celebrating today!”

Ali was speaking to at the PopChips BBQ for the New York Fire Department on Wednesday.

And she added to the outlet she thinks it’s extremely important for parents to allow themselves the odd treat as a reward for their toughest times raising children.

“I think there’s too much pressure put on mothers these days about no caffeine and no wine,” she said. “It makes you so stressed out and I think that one of the joys about having my second [child] is that I’ve really relaxed up on myself.”

The stunning blonde star does her best to balance her professional and personal lives. But she admits that she makes her fair share of mistakes – including a somewhat silly error during an ice cream party earlier this month.

“I left [the ice cream] outside for 20 minutes and by the time I started scooping it for everyone, it was completely melted,” she said.

“I said, ‘You know, whatever! Let’s do milkshakes!’ So everyone had milkshakes. It’s like you take something that turns into disaster and you turn it around to make it a fun adventure.”

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