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Alice Eve engaged

Alice Eve is engaged to her high school boyfriend.

The Star Trek Into Darkness actress’ representative confirmed to America’s People magazine she’s set to marry her financier beau.

The couple first started dating when they both attended the Westminster School in London.

They later split and Alice began dating poet Adam O’Riordan after the pair met at Oxford University.

However, the couple broke up in 2012 and Alice later rekindled her relationship with Alex.

While Alice is mainly famous for roles in British films such as Starter For Ten, she achieved fame internationally thanks to her role as scientist Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness.

The film included one scene that earned Alice notoriety as it saw her strip to her bra in front of Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk.

However, the scene caused outrage among fans – something Alice still can’t get her head around.

"It was strange - it really caused a kind of disruption! I don't think I'll ever know why," she laughed. "Maybe it was [fanboys'] anger over the fact that Carol Marcus and Capt. Kirk never actually had sex."

She previously spoke about how they filmed the risqué scene and what director J.J. Abrams said to her beforehand.

"Horrified is the wrong word but I was definitely ready to stay away from chips at that point," she recently mused when asked how she felt about showing off her body.

"We actually shot it with silver underwear and in post-production they changed it to black. J.J. came up to me at a party and said: 'We changed the underwear.' I was like: 'I could have just worn black.' I'm happy either way."

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