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Alicia Keys: Tragedy often makes us say enough

Alicia Keys has penned a touching poem about how the heartbreaking images of immigrants drowned on the beach have made her even more grateful for her life.

The 34-year-old singer is mother to sons Egypt and Genesis with husband Swizz Beatz.

But the recent heartbreaking images of immigrants drowned on the beach as they attempt to escape their native countries have made Alicia reevaluate her life.

And as she raises her boys, Alicia is determined to educate them on the current state of the world.

Alicia turned her feelings into a touching poem, which she posted on her blog on Monday.

“Hard to believe, the summer is done, and I find myself thinking a lot about how my life could be…,” Alicia wrote.

“My kids could be growing up in places in the world, where my every day is trying to figure out how they can escape. Perhaps it could be me, whose child was face down at the edge of the sea. Tragedy often makes us say enough.”

The picture Alicia was specifically referring to was of a three-year-old Syrian boy who washed up on the beach in Turkey while trying to reach Canada with his family.

Alicia is well aware of the contributions immigrants make to society, and is keen for her sons to grow up knowing that.

“We’re all out here working hard,” Alicia continued. “Trying to find our way, looking for togetherness, a country of beautiful immigrants. For without the brick maker, the brick mason couldn’t build the wall, that eventually becomes the bedroom, where we lay our head.

“And without the steel maker, the mechanical engineer couldn’t make the machines, that all too often shoot us dead. We are all connected. I wish we’d act more so….”

Alicia used the occurrence of Labor Day weekend to post the poem and share among her fans.

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