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Alicia Vikander: 'I'm scared of overexposure'

Actress Alicia Vikander feels overwhelmed by how many of her films came out around the same time.

Swedish star Alicia Vikander's cinema dominance has led the actress to worry people may get sick of her.

The actress was pretty much an unknown name in Hollywood until 2013, when she was cast in The Fifth Estate opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. Since then she has starred in countless films, including four consecutive big-budget movies. However, after the release of Ex Machina, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Burnt and The Danish Girl, Alicia has been left wondering what people make of her.

"A lot of the films are coming out during the same time, so it’s been a bit overwhelming," she admitted to Du Jour magazine. "I’m scared of overexposure, but really I’m just feeling very happy about the work I’ve done with people I admire. Finally, we can let the films out there and see them alive.”

To pursue her acting dream, 27-year-old Alicia had to give up on her ballet ambition. She describes the situation as similar to a break up, revealing it was the biggest decision she's ever made.

However the move was a smart one, which has seen Alicia nominated for two Golden Globes in 2016; best actress for The Danish Girl, and supporting actress for Ex Machina.

She may be an industry favourite, but fame hasn't gone to Alicia's head. “I always carry (playing) cards around with me," she laughed. "My girlfriends are doing it now, too. I was at a film festival in Italy, sitting in a restaurant, and my agent and I started to play cards, and someone came running up to say, ‘By law you’re not allowed!’ I said, ‘We’re not gambling, we’re just playing cards. It’s fine!’”

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