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Alicia Vikander: 'Mark Ruffalo and Marion Cotillard amaze me'

The Danish Girl actress Alicia Vikander can't wait to meet Mark Ruffalo and Marion Cotillard as she prepares for awards season next year (16).

Alicia Vikander would be overwhelmed if she ever met Mark Ruffalo because she thinks he's such an "incredible actor".

The 27-year-old actress is gearing up for awards season next year (16), and is already tipped to find success with upcoming movie The Danish Girl.

While Alicia is no stranger to glitzy red carpet ceremonies, she thinks she might get a little starstruck if she were to meet any of her acting idols at the event.

"Mark Ruffalo, I think he's an incredible actor," she told "If Marion Cotillard is there, she's always a lot of fun and is one of the most incredible actresses. It always blows my mind when I see her on the screen."

In 2013, Alicia attended the Oscars with director Nikolaj Arcel for his movie A Royal Affair, which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the awards, and she admits the experience was so incredibly surreal she found it difficult to control her urge to giggle as she walked the red carpet in a stunning Elie Saab backless gown.

"I was just walking around with my director, holding his hand and giggling because I felt like this was a one-time event in my life and I was trying to gather as much memories to tell my grandchildren," Alicia said. "I don't even know if I'm going to be there (next year)! But I'm for sure going to see it on television, like I've done every single year that I can remember."

The Danish Girl is among the movies being tipped to sweep the awards next year, which Alicia says is "humbling", but it was her journey to the Oscars with A Royal Affair that she still finds tough to comprehend.

"Coming with a foreign film, I was just the lucky girl who was invited to join," she said. "I felt like I was just peeking out from the curtain almost when I was there the last time. That was pretty amazing. With a small, indie film like that, we always talked about if we could reach a few thousand famous people to go see that film, so it was quite a journey when we ended united all there."

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