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Alley: Stop dolphin slaughter!

Kirstie Alley wants to end dolphin killing in Japan.

The actress took to Twitter on Monday and slammed the people responsible for the abuse.

According to Kirstie, the dolphin capture and killing in Taiji, Japan is inexcusable.

“The people of Taiji know nothing about the dolphin slaughter. It is 50 people doing it in a NATIONAL PARK! They net off The Cove, then kill,” she fumed.

“It is not a custom or part of Japan's culture. They r lying. 99% of Japanese people don't know about [documentary] The Cove as the Gov controls the media (sic).”

Kirstie urged people not to go to marine shows featuring dolphins. She also insisted that this was not an issue against the Japanese people, who she felt needed to simply see another point of view.

“Here's a good idea...DONT BUY TICKETS TO DOLPHIN SHOWS!! That's easy enough... Dolphins doing tricks is not worth the brutality they endure,” she added.

“The Japanese people need to stop the slaughter in #taiji..We can not bully them into stepping up. We can just bring it into their view (sic).”

The recently installed US ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, has also spoken out against what is happening to the dolphins.

She tweeted she is "deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing”.

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