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Allison Janney's Emmy woes

Allison Janney used to worry about “rubbing” her Emmy Awards in her actor partner’s face.

The actress has picked up four Primetime Emmys for her performance in TV drama The West Wing.

While she’s very proud of her achievements, the star used to worry about coming across as a show-off if she displayed the trophies.

“I used to hide them in a closet,” she admitted to US magazine More.

“I was in a relationship with an actor and didn’t want to rub them in his face. When it ended, I had a shelf built over the television, where they live with my SAG awards. Whenever I watch TV, I can look at them!”

Allison’s success doesn’t show any signs of waning as she stars alongside Anna Faris in comedy series Mom and with Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan in raunchy drama Masters of Sex.

For now the 54-year-old, who stands proudly at 6ft. tall, remains single and focuses on her career.

“I’m single. It’s hard to find a man over 50 and my height!” she laughed.

“Finding love is probably the only thing left on my bucket list, and I’ve pushed it away or eluded it my whole life.”

Allison has never let her height get in the way of her and her parents were keen to help her embrace standing tall by sending her to ballet lessons.

Now she feels graceful and that she’s able to “make an entrance” wherever she goes.

Masters of Sex may be a risqué project to take on, but the star is very happy she decided to go for it.

“A woman in her 50s having her first orgasm in the backseat of a car? It’s pretty hot,” she said.

“I’m proud to represent older women and prove we’re not dead sexually.”

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