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Allison Williams: I don't need perfection

Allison Williams has given up her quest for excellence and is much happier as a result.

The American actress shot to fame thanks to her portrayal of tightly-wound Marnie in the TV series Girls.

Since she's eased up on herself Allison has started to enjoy life more.

"Something that's been lovely about the last couple of years is that I've finally abandoned the pursuit of perfection, which I think I was pretty stubbornly holding on to; just always trying to be the best at everything I did," Allison revealed to Town & Country magazine. "I grew up enough to realise that the people I respect aren't perfectionists. And I was like, 'Oh, that's so much more perfect.'"

Allison's drive to be amazing at all things is something she has carried with her since childhood.

Her parents refused to let her act professionally until she graduated from college, which gave her more things to strive for.

"I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect," she admitted. "Between homework and sports and drama and being social, I slept about four hours a night through high school and college. I often remind myself that I was busier then than I am now."

Allison has a tendency to be self-critical. When combined with her need for perfection, she admits this is not easy.

"I operate with this sense of needing to live up to what I am asking of people," she continued. "I am, by far, my own worst critic. I am very, very tough on myself."

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