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Allison Williams' mom dreams

Allison Williams is looking forward to the moment she becomes a mom and can walk away from her career.

The Girls actress is currently starring in the third season of the Golden Globe winning show, and plays uptight Marnie Michaels.

On screen Allison's alter ego is solely focusing on her career, but in real life the 26-year-old actress says she's already thought about her future family life.

"My goal is to create a career I can walk away from and become a mom. I'd love to be a mom - and not have to bring my kids into my trailer... Or a balance [of both]. But you gotta call it on the fly to a certain extent," Allison told US Glamour magazine in their March issue.

The star isn't ready to throw in the acting towel just yet, and has a wish list of characters she'd still like to play.

The roles she's seeking are a far cry from her prim and proper Girls character, written by her co-star and Girls creator, Lena Dunham.

"I want to play a villain. I want to play a romantic heroine. I want to play someone who's on heroin. There's nothing I don't want to do. I want to play a guy at some point. I'll gain 100lbs, I'll cut my hair off, I'll do whatever. I'm not precious about any of it," she recently said.

Since exploding on to the screen as Marnie in 2012, Allison has won praise for her style choices.

She says that continuity is key to her fashion presence, and she looks to another actress who made her name in a TV show for inspiration.

"I wanted to establish a baseline: Here's what I look like, I have long brown hair, I wear this kind of dress, this is the deal. You can count on it!" she recently confessed to Elle magazine.

"Look at Jennifer Aniston: She's America's sweetheart for a reason. You know what she's going to look like when she shows up to something, and there's something so comfortable about that."

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