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Allison Williams: Walken is wicked

Allison Williams isn't going to speak with a manly voice when she plays Peter Pan.

The two Hollywood figures are set to star alongside each other in NBC's live musical broadcast Peter Pan Live! next month. Allison takes on the lead role of Peter, the little boy who never grows up, while Christopher plays his arch nemesis Captain Hook.

"[Christopher] is so wickedly funny. He gets this look on his face, and I just pre-emptively start laughing because I know that whatever's coming is going to be hilarious," Allison smiled to People magazine.

Known for portraying super feminine Marnie Michaels in hit TV show Girls, playing Peter has been an interesting gig for Allison.

While she got to keep her long flowing hair, the 26-year-old did have to carefully consider how she should speak.

"It's a huge treat [playing a boy], but I've just been thinking about who he is and trying to embody that. I'm not doing it in a deep boy voice. That would be strange!" she laughed. "There will be no audience, so no clapping or laughter. I think it will mostly feel like I'm filming an episode of Girls - where the ultimate victory is getting the camera operator to chuckle."

Peter Pan and the lost boys are famous for being able to fly, so Allison had to master being airborne. While it may have been physically demanding, the experience of being in the air was definitely worth the effort for the actress.

"There are two harnesses - one helps you twirl, and the other is so you can do flips and fancy stuff. It relies heavily on core strength. It's a good workout! If it weren't so cumbersome, it would be all the rage.

"[It's] as fun as you'd imagine. It gets uncomfortable, but the moment you lift off the ground is utter bliss," she said.

The feature also stars Minnie Driver and will air on December 4.

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