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Alves’ charitable Christmas

Camila Alves is teaching her children the real meaning of Christmas.

The model has two daughters and a son with actor Matthew McConaughey – Levi, five, Vida, almost three, and Livingston, 11 months.

Every year, the children help buy toys for those less fortunate. And according to Camila, Vida already loves giving to others.

"She was so sweet," Alves told E! Online. "She's over there picking going, 'A little girl would really like this and a little boy would like that.' She couldn't wait to get home and show everybody. She laid them all out in the garage and she sorted them by boys and girls."

Camila revealed she and Matthew enjoy helping their children write letters to Santa. The parents are constantly amused and delighted by how funny and sweet the kids are.

"It was so cute because Levi was so specific about everything," Camila explained about her son’s list.

"One of the things he needed to put was the size. He was like, 'We need to tell Santa Claus the size because he's not going to know the right size.'"

Camila goes on to explain that she loves doing these little things with her family because a simple life is ideal for her. Although she and Matthew are very busy, they try and spend as much time with their little ones as possible.

"We try to lead a very simple life as much as we can in the aspect of how big our life is," Camila said. "So we're hands on, we're very, very hands on. Tonight's my third night with no sleep because the kids have been sick."

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