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Alyssa Milano: I’m really in love with my husband

Alyssa Milano has joked that her husband David Bugliari can never leave her, because she will just keep “following him”.

The 42-year-old actress announced she was leaving the programme after the set moved location.

But while Alyssa has always insisted it was her two children, Milo and Elizabella, that led to her quitting, she has revealed in a new interview that her husband David Bugliari was instrumental in her decision.

“Beyond just the kids, in all honesty I am really in love with my husband,” Alyssa said during a chat on Good Day LA on Tuesday. “So to move away from him for four months, in a business that’s so hard to keep marriages together anyway, to make that decision, to go, ‘You know what, for my career (which I’m very blessed to have had a long career), I’m going to move away for four months, I’m going to take the kids with me and I’m going to expect it all to be fine.’ ”

Alyssa and agent David married in 2009. And while Alyssa previously insisted that divorce is “not an option”, no matter how many obstacles the pair hit in their relationship, she joked to the hosts that David doesn’t even have the chance to leave her.

“My husband can’t ever leave me – I’ll just keep following him,” she laughed. “I come from an Italian family so…”

Alyssa has so far enjoyed a long and varied career with roles in television shows including Who’s the Boss?, Charmed and Mistresses.

As well as her acting career, she has a line of sports apparel called Touch and also hosts Project Runway All Stars.

And Alyssa admitted she will be forever grateful for her acting career because it has enabled her to venture into other industries that she wouldn’t have otherwise been able to.

“I think the reason I love acting so much is because it enables me to do those things as well – opportunities that I would never have had before,” she said. “So it’s great and I love to be able to exercise that part of my brain.”

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