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Alyssa Milano’s dog dies of cancer

Alyssa Milano is mourning the loss of her beloved dog Diesel after he died of cancer over the weekend.

The Charmed actress took to Twitter late Sunday night to share news about his passing.

She revealed her pet had succumbed to cancer.

“Rest in peace, my beautiful Diesel,” Alyssa wrote. “I hope you're playing Frisbee at the dog park in the sky. I love you forever.”

Alyssa had tweeted about her health concerns for Diesel back in January.

Doctors at first believed he was suffering from liver failure.

But as the actress asked fans to “keep him in your prayers,” she soon realised the diagnosis was much worse.

On January 25 she shared the news.

“My Diesel has cancer. I’m heartbroken,” she wrote.

Alyssa has lost a pet before.

The actress has 10 horses and dogs Dodger, Chihuahuas Lucy and Gibson, and German shepherd Quixie.

She welcomed Quixie into her home following the death of her German shepherd Pinto who passed at age 14.

"This is really the most terrible pain you have ever experienced," she told in 2009.

“It is only in the animals you will meet the real love and devotion.”

Alyssa also lost a childhood dog in a house fire.

The star has spoken about her love for her stable of animals in the past.

Before she gave birth to her now 17-month-old son Milo back in 2011, she revealed she was training the pooches to get ready for a new member of the family.

"We know that they know already, especially my Australian shepherds, because they kind of sniff at my belly obsessively,” she said while expecting.

Alyssa did not say if she intends to expand her family again with another pup.

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