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Amal 'struggling with negative press coverage'

George Clooney reportedly understands how hurtful it must be for his wife Amal to read nasty headlines about herself.

The London based human rights lawyer tied the knot with George in September and often accompanies him to red carpet events.

However not all the coverage has been good, with some publications questioning her slender frame. This reportedly hasn't gone down well with the pair.

"Amal has found it tough to adjust to the attention that comes with being Mrs Clooney. George is used to being in the limelight, but he understands how hurtful it must be for Amal, particularly when she's criticised about how she looks," an insider told British magazine Grazia. "She's so much more that that - she's incredibly talented, intelligent and driven, that's why he loves her. He's fiercely protective of her, too."

George has been busy promoting new movie Tomorrowland, but has found time to gush about his other half, calling her smarter than him. He even joked the only way he can ever win against her is if they compete in an arm wrestle.

The 54-year-old also revealed Amal's work puts into perspective how meaningless press attention is, and insiders says their strong union helps her too.

"It's tough balancing the different aspects of their lives together. They knew it would be tricky, but Amal didn't expect to be so affected by it all. George and Amal are strong, and they love each other, so they'll do what it takes to make it work," the source added.

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